Snorkeling in Mallorca

  • Duration

    2 hours

  • Minimum age

    8 years old

  • Requirements

    Know how to swim

  • Recommendations

    Towel and spare clothes

  • Price

    45€ 49€ / person

Snorkeling in Porto Cristo

Snorkeling in Porto Colom

Swim in crystal clear waters

Once you arrive at the Dive Center and you’ve met our awesome team we will get ready with all the equipment you’ll need: Mask, snorkel, fins and the wetsuit.

Short briefing of the activity, local vegetation and fauna, some tips about the technique of swimming with fins and snorkel and… let’s go!

Boat trip through the East coast of Mallorca seeing some of the most beautiful beaches of the island.

Once we arrive, we will get ready and we will jump into the beautiful crystal clear water.

Watch closely to find out all the tiny and full of color animals that live in the Mediterranean Sea like Rainbow and Ornate Wrasses, Damsels, Pipefishes, Schools of Barracudas, Octopus, Cuttlefishes and much more.

We will also climb into different height jumps to do some Cliff Jumping!

Skualo Porto Cristo

Passeig Cap des Toll, 11
07680 – Porto Cristo, Mallorca
Tel. +34 971 815 094

Skualo Portocolom

Ronda del Creuer Baleares, 53
07670 – Portocolom, Mallorca
Tel. +34 971 834 197

Skualo Alcudia

Avda. Mal Pas, 1
07400 Mal Pas-Bon Aire, Mallorca
Tel. +34 971 549 957