Daily disinfection of the facilities and material of the center.

Management of information, reservations and documentation electronically.

Restricted use of the classroom, promoting digital resources and telematic training. In case of face-to-face training or informational meetings, they will be held on the terrace to be outdoors and ensuring interpersonal distance (for briefings, explanations, etc.).

Avoid joint manipulation of equipment. Each user must handle (assembly, configuration and adjustment, disassembly) their equipment, either owned or rented in the center. The staff will be limited to the delivery and collection of the rental material and bottles, keeping the appropriate distances.

Use of hydroalcoholic gel (which will be available in dispensers at the access to the center) or mandatory hand washing, as well as the convenience of minimizing contact with any surface.

  • Information on the hygiene standards established in the Hygiene Protocol against COVID-19 of the use of the facilities and equipment of the center:
  • Use of a mandatory mask both in the center and on boats.
    Store personal belongings in individual boxes in available lockers.
    Store smaller personal items on board the boats in individual boxes (sunglasses, mask, telephone, etc.).
  • Individual cleaning of the one-person equipment, leaving only the regulators and masks to soak for at least 15 min in the duly indicated buckets.

After the reservation of activities, it is recommended to carry out a brief test to the client in order to have the necessary information to avoid contagion by COVID-19 with the following questions:

  • Fever (Temperature greater than or equal to 38 ° C after several shots)?
  • Recent cough or aggravated cough for several days?
  • Recent or severe respiratory distress?
  • Chest pain or abnormal respiratory failure?
  • Abdominal pain, vomiting, or diarrhea?
  • Sore throat or runny nose?
  • Significant and abnormal fatigue?
  • Unusual headaches?
  • Loss of taste and / or smell?
  • Abnormal heart rate variations or palpitations?
  • Have you had a COVID 19 test?
  • Have you been in prolonged contact (more than 15 min to less than 1 meter) in the last 15 days with a person who has been diagnosed with COVID 19?

If the answer to any of the questions is YES, ALWAYS consider postponing and scheduling a new appointment date respecting the quarantine / isolation period. If they already have an appointment and later show symptoms, the activity reservation must be canceled.

If the answer is NO to any of the questions, the visit will be scheduled.