The reservation of activities with the company SKUALO ESPORTS D’AVENTURA SL on a specific date and time must be confirmed with the payment of the same in advance in order to guarantee the client’s place and facilitate the logistics management and organization of the company.

When making said payment through the booking engine of the SKUALO ESPORTS D’AVENTURA SL website (, the client must ensure that said payment is made within the term (Deadline Date / Time) indicated by SKUALO ESPORTS D ‘AVENTURA SL in the same booking engine. Once this limit is exceeded, SKUALO ESPORTS D’AVENTURA SL does not guarantee the availability of your place and the activity requested.

In case of making the payment by other means such as bank transfer or cash, the availability of the activity will be previously communicated with a specific date and time to guarantee the client’s place.

In the event that the indicated period has been exceeded, the client must contact SKUALO ESPORTS D’AVENTURA SL to reconfirm the possibility of carrying out said activity. Once confirmed, another e-mail will be sent to you with the updated information so that you can proceed with the payment and guarantee the activity and place.

In the event that the weather conditions (wind, waves, currents, etc.) are not favorable for the performance of our activities, guaranteeing the safety of our clients, SKUALO ESPORTS D’AVENTURA SL reserves the right to cancel the activity until the same day of the event or days to come. Although we will do everything possible to comply with the planning, under no circumstances can we guarantee that the activity can be carried out in unfavorable weather conditions.

The same condition applies for dives to contracted destinations that cannot be done for weather reasons either. In this case, no type of refund will be made, you can only request a change of date up to a maximum period of 12 months.

In Spain it is mandatory to present a diving license to be able to dive. It is the client’s responsibility to present a valid document that proves that they have such accreditation as the only method. These can be, in addition to the diving license (physical or digital), a photo or photocopy of said certification or screenshots of the official website of the organization where you have obtained your credential. In the event that the client cannot justify their diving accreditation, they will not be able to dive on the contracted day and no refund will be made, they can only request a change of date up to a maximum period of 12 months.

SKUALO ESPORTS D’AVENTURA SL’s date change policy allows the client to enjoy the contracted activity despite not being able to do it on the scheduled day. For this, it will be enough for you to notify your decision to change the date / time within the established deadlines..


  • The possibility of changing the date expires 12 months from the original date.
  • The selection of the new day / time for the activity will be subject to availability of places. The amount paid will not be rewarded or refunded if there are no places available for the activity on the desired dates / times.
  • The change of date / time of the activity must be notified up to 24 hours before the time initially established for the contracted activity. Said notification must be made via email, contact telephone number or at the same SKUALO ESPORTS D’AVENTURA SL center, indicating the name of the participants, contracted activity and the scheduled time. / +34 971 815 094 / +34 672 261 884


Once the activity has been paid and confirmed and, in the event of not being able to carry it out, the following refund policy of the amount paid will be applied in accordance with the provisions below:

  • 100% of the amount paid will be refunded in the event of cancellation of the activity for internal reasons of the company SKUALO ESPORTS D’AVENTURA SL.
  • 95% of the amount paid will be refunded in the event of cancellation of the activity by the client and outside the company for management expenses, as long as the cancellation is notified with more than 48 hours before the activity. For notifications less than 48 hours before the activity 50% will be returned. For notifications in less than 24 hours before the activity, no amount will be refunded.
  • For those activities that involve third-party expenses (for example, the purchase of access codes for the online theory of PADI courses, rental of extra boats, etc.), the amount corresponding to the payment of third-party expenses will not be returned.
  • In the case of cancellation of a diving course already started, the amount proportional to the stage of the course in which the student is located will be returned, thus remaining as follows: Theory (30%), Confined Waters (25%) and Open Water (45%).
  • In case of medical problems, 80% of the amount paid by the person with said medical problem will be refunded (not extendable to the reservation / s of his / her companion / s), as long as a medical receipt that establishes your temporary / or total inability to carry out the activity. In case of not presenting a medical receipt, the normal return conditions explained above will apply.
  • No refunds will be made for reasons of seasickness, compensation problems, cold or failure of the diver’s private equipment.


Situations that will be taken into account as applicable to COVID-19:

  • Own illness or presentation of symptoms related to this condition or of a person with whom you have had contact.
  • Cancellation of part of airlines and / or shipping companies related, solely and exclusively, to COVID-19.
  • Change by the administration, in the travel policy related to COVID-19, be they at the origin or destination of the trip.
  • Notification of cancellation within 24 hours maximum.

For these exposed conditions the following options will apply in case of cancellation:

  • More than 24 hours: 100% refund.
  • Less thank 24 hours: Gift voucher for 100% of the amount of the activity paid to be used in the next 12 months or refund of 95% of the amount of the activity paid.

These conditions require that it can be demonstrated by means of a medical certificate, an accrediting document from the airline / shipping company or notification from the competent body indicating changes in the travel conditions.

For those situations that cannot be demonstrated with supporting documentation, the normal reservation and cancellation conditions will apply.

The payment of any reservation of activities with the company SKUALO ESPORTS D’AVENTURA SL implies the acceptance of the conditions previously established.